Sinus rinses: How to clear congestion

12 October 2018

Treat Your Sinus Problems 

At the Ear Hygiene Clinic, we see many clients with "blocked ears" when, after discussion, it's likely to be sinus related.

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What Are Sinuses?

The sinuses are air-filled spaces with the bones of the skull and face.
They are centred around the nasal cavity and have several functions including:

  • humidifying and heating inhaled air,
  • increasing the resonance of speech
  • giving lightness to the weight of our heads.

We have four sets of sinuses:

  1. Maxillary
  2. Frontal
  3. Sphenoid
  4. Ethmoid

Sinus irritation from dust, pollen, and allergies is common, although many people will never have sinus problems. 

A sinus rinse is a natural home remedy recommended by Ear Nose & Throat Specialists as the first step to healthy sinus maintenance. 

Sinus Rinse Instruction

Purpose: To reduce nasal secretions and reduce crusting.

We recommend Neilmed Sinus Rinse if you are wanting to purchase a rinse, otherwise, you can make your own at home with the "recipe" below:

Salty Wash:

1/2 teaspoon common salt
1/4 teaspoon baking soda
Step 1. Mix together the salt and baking soda in 200ml of warm water (preferably sterile or distilled tap water that has been boiled for 3 - 5 minutes). Place volume into atomiser/pot/"sinus rinse" bottle.
Step 2. Irrigate at least half a bottle of the solution up each nostril 1 - 3 times per day to relieve symptoms.
Step 3. Rinse and leave the bottle to dry after each use. You are able to use this when showering.
Step 4. Follow up with flixonase (steroid) after a chronic nasal drip. 

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