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Microsuction Ear Cleaning

Have you had any trouble with your ears recently? Microsuction is an extremely safe means of approaching wax removal and uses a highly effective microscope and suction technique.

Treatment pricing $75 (Exceptions available)

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Why is microsuction the best choice?

The pain from ear wax build-up can start to have a real impact on you day-to-day, which is why many people turn to microsuction. There are three key reasons that people choose to use this method for ear wax removal; it’s incredibly thorough, proven to be safe, and there’s often immediate relief.

Those who suffer from ear infections particularly benefit from this technique, as it allows for the removal of ongoing irritants that may be causing issues. It also lets medication better reach the impacted area and can alleviate ongoing ear issues, increasing your comfort levels and improving daily life.

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What to expect from your ear hygiene appointment

Get in touch
Get in touch

Book your appointment online or via phone at your nearest Ear Hygiene Clinic. We have 8 conveniently located clinics throughout Canterbury.

Come in for your appointment
Come in for your appointment

A registered nurse will use their expertise to assess your situation and use the microsuction technique to clean your ears.

Happy hearing!
Happy hearing!

Walk away with improved hearing and a greater lease on life. Ongoing ear hygiene is important, and we’re here to help with follow-up appointments or consultations.

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You deserve to have crystal clear hearing

From initial contact through to treatment, our friendly team is with you every step of the way, going the extra mile to help you receive the best ear care.