Cleaning children's ears

14 August 2019

Yes, we do clean kids' ears!

One of the most frequent questions we are asked is if our nurses can remove wax or objects from the ears of young children - and the answer is yes! 

Ear Hygiene Clinic 151

How Old?

The youngest ears we have cleaned belonged to four week old baby, and our Ear Nurses regularly care for children of all ages.

Kid friendly!

Ear Hygiene Clinic is child-friendly, from toys and books in the waiting room to gentle Registered Nurses who are experienced in making appointments as comfortable as possible.

Ear wax removal can be turned into a game (i.e. "treasure hunting") to make the experience more fun, and our nurses have a model of a child's ear to show older children what they are doing. 

Ear Hygiene Clinic 101

Safe for small ears!

Our nurses are highly skilled in gently and safely removing wax and foreign objects from children's ears. 

The microscopic glasses used by our nurses (instead of the large microscope) enable them to adapt to each position a child may move to, and they pace their treatment to suit what each individual child can handle. 

Kids will often sit on a parent's lap to help them relax and feel more comfortable

Benefits of ear cleaning:

The impact of blocked ears upon a child's hearing can be quite significant. 

Not only can impacted wax be irritating or even painful for your child, but restricted hearing can also affect their development. Children learn so much through listening, so ear cleaning can have a positive effect on education, socialisation, and even their behaviour. 

Ear cleaning is also very beneficial for children with outer ear infections, as an unblocked ear means doctors can see and treat the ear canal better. 

"Took my boy there for a couple of years before we moved. Very gentle, and very good with kids. Mine laughed all the way through as the suction machine tickled. The nurse coped with him brilliantly."

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