03 384 4668

Please state that you would like to attend our Fendalton clinic.


8 Tui Street, Fendalton | St. Barnabas Church Grounds 

Parking on & accessed from Tui Street. Wheelchair access available via nearby ramp.

Our hours:

Every week on a Tuesday.

The Fendalton clinic is our newest clinic, open from Tuesday 20th June 2023. 

Call 03 384 4668 and ask for our Fendalton clinic, or book online.

If this time is inconvenient, please note that our Ferrymead clinic is open all week long with Saturday hours once a fortnight. 

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How to find us:

We are located at 8 Tui Street, Fendalton, in a building on the St. Barnabas Church grounds. There is street parking on Tui Street right outside our clinic, and you will see our Ear Hygiene Clinic car and flag near the entrance. An accessible ramp is close to the main door, both down the side of the building.

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Travelling by bus? Plan your bus route to our Fendalton clinic here

New patient questionnaire form

To save time, we have attached the Ear Hygiene Clinic Patient Questionnaire form that is required to be filled in for all new people receiving treatment at our clinic. Please print this out and bring it with you. This helps to ensure a speedy process on arrival. Thank you!
You can download the patient questionnaire form below.