Summer Hours 2022/2023

Please we have very limited appointments available for the remainder of 2022 despite our nurses working at capacity. Please be patient with our receptionists, but you are welcome to call 03 384 4668 and see if we have had any cancellations. Bookings can also be made online for 4 January 2023 onwards.


 What to do if you can't see us






  • Normal hours until midday 23/12/22.


  • CLOSED Christmas Eve until Wednesday 4/1/23 - normal Ferrymead hours resume.


  • Other clinics' hours back to normal hours - TBA.


  • CLOSED Waitangi Weekend.








If your ears get blocked over the Summer break, here are some tips that may help discomfort until we can see you.


If you are experiencing discomfort from blocked ears, you can use “Waxsol” bought from pharmacies, and take an ibuprofen if you’re experiencing pain. You can ask the pharmacist for advice on use.


How to put oil in your ear





Your ears may feel “blocked” because of sinus issues, causing ETD (eustachian tube dysfunction). This is not earwax related (though you may have impacted wax in addition to ETD), and you may be able to relieve this pressure at home with over-the-counter antihistamines and a nasal spray. You can ask your pharmacist for advice on use.


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If an insect has gone into your ear, use oil or water (whatever is nearest) to drown it. This stops the insect from wriggling, getting more stuck and causing discomfort. From there, the insect may fall out on its own, you can wait to see us, or you could go to a doctor. Do not try and remove the insect at home as you may push it in further or damage your ear canal.


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If you have water trapped in your ear, you can carefully use a hairdryer to try and dry your ear canal. Make sure that your hairdryer is on a low setting, not too hot, and is held at an arm’s length from your ear.  




Do not use

  • Cotton bud – this can compact wax more, making the pain worse – and also risk getting the bud stuck in your ear, which can cause infection.
  • Your keys or other small objects – like a cotton but, this can compact the wax further, and risk damage to your ear canal.
  • Ear Candles – ear candles are ineffective, can damage your drum or impact wax in ears further, and can burn your ear and face.


Please instead use the at home tricks above, and you can book online to see us from Wednesday 4 January 2023, or see your doctor if it’s urgent.


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