Summer Hours

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Worried about what to do when you get blocked ears over the holidays?


Never fear - Ear Hygiene Clinic's Summer hours are here!



The following applies to our main clinic in Ferrymead:


  • We will be open every Saturday from 24th November until the New Year.
  • We are open Monday 24th December 9am - 2pm.
  • Ferrymead is open between Thursday 27th December and Saturday 29th December.
  • We are open Monday 31st December 9am-5pm.
  • Normal Ferrymead hours from Thursday 3rd January 2019.
  • Other clinics' hours TBA.
  • Ferrymead is closed only on the Statutory Holidays. 


To make a booking at Ferrymead, please call us on 03 384 4668.


 Ferrymead's Hours




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