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ACC has notified microsuction clinics that to provide a full subsidy for clients, the Registered Nurse providing the treatment must attain an ACC Ear Nurse Specialist registration. As a consequence there is now a charge of $45.00 (due to a partial subsidy from ACC) while we work with ACC in registering further nurses as ACC Ear Nurse Specialists.
We anticipate this process will take a while.
We now have three nurses registered as ACC Ear Nurse Specialists who can offer $20 appointments, with ACC subsidising the rest. We would appreciate if anyone who wishes to see them would allow flexibility for appointment times, as this will take some forward planning. Please ask about this when you make your bookings.


We do have several options to help make appointments for ACC Clients more affordable:



The Ear Lover's Voucher:
Pay in advance for yourself or a gift a loved one a pair of clean ears!
  • One ACC voucher : $45.00
  • Two ACC vouchers deal: $75.00


The Ear Lover's Card:
  • Many of our clients visit us frequently so we have an "Ear Lover's Card" - after five paid appointments, your sixth one is free of charge! Please ask your nurse about this. 


If you have any queries, please don't hesitate to contact us by sending an email to Jane.


Thank you very much for your understanding. We will keep you informed as these changes occur.


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