Why Microsuction?

Client in chair getting ears cleanedWhy Microsuction?


Microsuctioning of ears is a safe, thorough method of removing wax from the ear canals.


The ear nurse, through the use of a microscope or microscope glasses, is able to clearly see inside the ear canal under a magnified view and remove the wax through the suction method. Unnecessary movement and minimal discomfort is ensured for successful wax removal.


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Why not Cotton Buds?


Cotton buds/Q tips are often used to dry ears after a shower or remove surface wax from the ear canal and/or help scratch an itch within the ear canal.


Unfortunately, the shape of the cotton tip means that wax gets pressed onto the tip but also compacted and squashed along the sides of the canal and even down onto the ear drum. Cotton buds also become detached from the stick and lodge into the ear canal. These need to be removed by an Ear Nurse and our nurses are no strangers to removing cotton tips from ears.


If the cotton tip is used for itchy ears, then this may mean dermatitis in the ear, or even ear wax inside the canal. The best treatment for this is for an ear nurse to look into the ear canal and discuss options for successful on-going treatment.



Why not Ear Candling?


Ear candling is used to attempt to remove wax out of an ear canal. A candle is inserted into the ear canal and is lit at the top end, trying to create a vacuum to remove wax. Unfortunately there are risks involved with this method, such as hot wax melting onto skin, wax being further impacted into the ear, and consequently, wax not being removed from the canal. 

At the Ear Hygiene Clinic, we have had a number of clients come into the clinic having tried this method of wax removal but with very little or no success. What we do find is dry wax impacted  into the canal and often it is difficult to remove due to this unsuccessful cleaning method. 


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