Service Costs

Ear Wax Removal Costs:


The cost of an appointment from 1 February 2022 is $70.00



Exceptions (From 1 Feb 2022):
  • ACC clients with a long-term hearing loss claim: $25 or $50   (click here to read more) 

  • War Veterans: Free of charge.

  • Additional appointments for trickier ears $40 - at nurse's discretion only.

  • Subsidies available for RSA members and Community Service Card holders.

  • Rest home visits: $110 for one person, $85 each for two people, or $60 each for three people or more.


The Ear Lover's Voucher:

Pay in advance for yourself or a gift a loved one a pair of clean ears!

  • One voucher : $70

  • Two vouchers deal: $125


The Ear Lover's Loyalty Card:
  • Many of our clients visit us frequently so we have an "Ear Lover's Card" available - after five appointments, your sixth one is free of charge! Please ask your nurse about this. 


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