About Microsuction

About Microsuction


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Using the microscope and suction technique, we ensure safe and effective means of wax removal. The treatment of ear infections is also greatly enhanced through the use of suction to remove any debris and allows a more efficient use of any prescribed medicated ear drops or powders.


A microscope (or binocular glasses) and gentle suction is used by trained Ear Nurses to clean your ear canal and remove wax. This is the same method used by Ear Nose and Throat specialist doctors.


The nurse will wear glasses fitted with a bright light to see your ear canal up close. The microscope may be used if a closer view is needed.


Ear suction may also be used to remove ear wax or objects from the ear canal. In cases of ear infection, cleaning of the ear canal will help improve healing. At all times the nurse can see exactly what she is doing.


This method is the safest and the most effective means of removing wax from the canal. It is a very quick method of removing all wax and debris with the ear canal being visible throughout the whole treatment.


With any "invasive" procedure there are always potential complications but here at the Ear Hygiene Clinic we have highly trained Specialist Ear Nurses who ensure they perform a very safe procedure and therefore side effects are avoided or kept to an absolute minimum.


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