29 Marshland Road, Shirley (at Audika opposite The Palms)


PH: 03 384 4668


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  •   Every Wednesday afternoon.
  • If this time is inconvenient, please note that our Ferrymead clinic is open all week long with Saturday hours once a fortnight. 

Please let us know if you are covered by ACC for a long-term hearing loss when you call.









 How to find us:

We are located within the Audika building at 29 Marshland Road - across the road from The Palms.  


Parking is available in the Audika carpark, accessed from Hercules Street. 





















New Patient Questionnaire Form


To save time, we have attached the Ear Hygiene Clinic Patient Questionnaire form that is required to be filled in for all new people receiving treatment at our clinic. Please feel free to print this out and bring it with you. This helps to ensure a speedy process on arrival. Thank you!
You can download the patient questionnaire form below.