Our Story

Our Story

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In 2004, the Ear Hygiene Clinic was established to help meet the needs of all the people that required their ears to be cleaned through microsuction instead of going to their GP for syringing in order to remove the wax build-up.


The clinic was set up originally with just the one main clinic at Ferrymead, and one Registered Nurse – Jane Rees. Jane first was introduced to the microsuction technique approximately 30 years ago whilst working in an Ear Nose & Throat (ENT) ward at Auckland Hospital. As Jane’s nursing career progressed, it became more evident that there was a need to have a private ear clinic established in Christchurch where people of all ages could self-refer to get their ear wax removed.


Since the initial Ferrymead clinic was set up, the Ear Hygiene Clinic has continued to grow in numbers – not only in client numbers but also an increase in staff to cater for growing demand. The clinic is proud to now have four other Registered Nurses working to deliver ear care, supported by friendly administration staff.


The team of Registered Nurses within the clinic are all trained in the skill of microsuction and are all very competent and skilled in their nursing practice.


The Ear Hygiene Clinic now operates eight clinics throughout Christchurch, having built a strong working rapport with audiology clinics and progressive medical centres within Christchurch.

All ages are welcome to come to the clinic for treatment and ear advice. We specialise in the ear care of children, and have looked after clients from the age of four weeks old to 106 years old!


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