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Meet Our Clinic Staff:


jane 2021Jane

 Registered Nurse, ADN, BHSc (Nursing)


Jane has had over 35 years nursing experience and first started her ear, nose and throat nursing at Auckland Public Hospital.


"I see the clinic as an important facility to enable the people of Christchurch to not only have the choice in the way they manage their ear care, but as a valuable link between a number of health professionals that may be involved in that person's care such as audiology staff, ENT specialists and the client's GP"


Jane is a member of:

The ORL Nurses Special Interest Group NZ, Australian Nurses Head and Neck Interest Group and The College of Nurses.


Jane's Blog Post



sharron 2021Sharron

Registered Nurse


Sharron has also had over 25 years nursing experience including 7 years specialising in Dermatology (skin conditions). She has found this skill very useful in treating/advising clients on a number of skin conditions involving the ear.

One of Sharron's passions is to pass on her knowledge about Ear Hygiene to her patients, so they can enjoy the process of ear care and understand their own ear health to a fuller extent.


Sharron is a member of:

ORL Nurses Special Interest Group NZ


Sharron's Blog Post




Ena 2021

Registered Nurse


Ena trained in Dunedin as a Registered Nurse and during her Nursing career, Ena has had experience as an RN of an Aged Care Facility, as well as Practice Nursing in Christchurch. This experience has enabled Ena to have enhanced knowledge of our clients' needs. Ena has been with the clinic since 2013.


Ena is a member of:

ORL Nurses Special Interest Group NZ


 Ena's Blog Post






Cherie 2021Cherie

 Registered Nurse


Cherie has had eleven years experience as a Registered Nurse.

After two years in orthopaedic and plastic, she then moved to District Nursing. There she worked closely with individuals and their families, covering a wide range of procedures. 


Cherie is a member of:
The ORL Nurses Special Interest Group NZ






claire 2021Claire

 Registered Nurse


Claire trained as a Registered Nurse in 1990 in London before emigrating to New Zealand in 2002. She has a range of Nursing experiences including 14 years in Aged Care in Christchurch. 

Claire trained as an Ear Nurse with a hearing aid provider and then gained experience doing wax removal in rest homes. She is also interested in reflexology and complementary therapies.


Claire is a member of:

The ORL Nurses Special Interest Group NZ











lynda 2021


Morning Receptionist



Lynda comes to us from a background in senior care and administration, and is our morning receptionist. She looks forward to meeting you all!












Afternoon Receptionist



Colleen is our friendly afternoon receptionist and she looks forward to meeting and greeting you on the phone and in our waiting room!



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