Ear Hygiene Clinic

Client in chairThe Ear Hygiene Clinic offers a safe and effective means to remove troublesome ear wax or foreign bodies from the ear and assist in the treatment of ear infections through the use of microscope and suction technology.

Hardened or excessive ear wax can become embedded in the ear, causing pain, balance problems, increased tinnitus and can interfere with hearing.

By using the microscope and suction technique, we can ensure safe and effective means of wax removal. The treatment of ear infections is also greatly enhanced through the use of suction to remove any debris and allows a more efficient use of any prescribed medicated ear drops or powders.

We are located in Ferrymead, Christchurch - but also have clinics our nurses visit in nine locations around Canterbury for your convenience.

A home visit service is also available. Please phone for further information.


"I finally found the right person to aid me with a serious problem with my ears when I went to Ear Hygiene Clinic. Jane is an expert in Ear Hygiene, the service that she provides is highly professional and at a reasonable cost. I do not see it as a cost - it is an investment in my personal health and wellbeing, and at almost 78 years old that's essential."


$50.00 per appointment



Veterans Affairs - War Pensioners' incurring hearing loss in the line of duty.

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